Manufacture Bearings in special measures of rollers, balls and needles from10 millimeters to 2 meters to dock with the application as necessary, using the best steels and materials available in the international market as well as the best heat treatment setting and accuracy for a competent durability against any kind of standardized bearing.


We maquining and rectify any industrial part giving the perfect fit, tolerating the kind of steel or material used to implementation, using CNC machinery and tooling ensuring precise digital finishing and presentation into parts.


We manufacture packaging and parts for any type of sealing or coupling using high quality Teflon, nitrile, viton, silicone, among other materials. We guarantee tolerances and finishes with setting depending on the size and type of application giving high durability and resistance in its sealed or coupling extending a warranty up to one year giving full satisfaction and security to the user.


Manufacturers of all types of pulley in design and size, FERBUSS INDUSTRIE handles materials such as steel, NYLACERO®, aluminum and ceramic. The manufacture of this product is machined with utmost care referring hardness, calibration and balancing as well as their specific tolerances depending applied use. *This product is guaranteed for 1 to10 years for exclusive use.


BEARINGS INDUSTRIE Manufacturers of industrial gears, we manage gears in all kinds of materials and designs size cylindrical sample spur, helical, double helical, helical cross, straight, tapered hyoid, planetary teeth bar steering, simple transmission idler gear, gear train , sprocket chain, toothed pulley and more, we take the greatest care depending use either slow, normal and elevated using mathematical formulas calling our system "calculation a gear geometry for manufacturing" also consider calculate kinematic transmissions according to type of gear. We keep strict control heat treatment system as we know everyone is under great pressure so I usually use 2 types of treatment, hardened and nitrided to obtain the same high hardness in the surface layer.
*This product is warranted ranging from 6 months to 5 years.


FERBUSS INDUSTRIE have participated in problem solving, planning, organizing, scheduling, directing, controlling and developing applications for industrial buildings and installation of all types of engineering seeking new knowledge and skills in the workplace and specifying solutions with our staff industrial and technical engineers. In FERBUSS INDUSTRIE we are associated with leading specialists in ENGINEERING weapons, siede, military polytechnic, ballistics, naval, civil, sanitary, environmental, structural, hydraulic, mining, geological, petroleum industry, transportation, agriculture, surveying, mechanical, electromechanical, aerospace, aeronautics, mechatronics, nanotechnology, topographic, electrical, bionic, computer, communication systems, chemistry, materials, food, biomedical, genetic, agro forestry, forestry, industrial, financial, commercial, logistical, administrative and production. Come to us if you have a project and/or tends to develop according to your need in any of these fields have the confidence that we have a seriousness and effectiveness approach to do it.