Company founded by Engineer an Developer Marie Ines Ferbuss, Franco-German origin, she arrives in Mexico with a team of engineers from the prestigious Rothschild family (bankers Franco-German origin) for the supervision of their investments in the mining in the early twentieth century in the town gold located in State of Mexico, after completing the project successfully, Marie Ines Ferbuss decides to stay in Mexico to start his own company dedicated to developing products such as: special bearings, gears, pulleys, sprockets, bushings, hydraulic sealing systems, tires and other products that was out of stock since she found that industry market demand many more products that a brand or dealer to arrange since only limited based on a catalog or standardized measures. Thus was born the concept of our company: manufacture and / or develop products out of the standardized concept, discontinued products and even standardized of pieces of small movement also keeping a stock available for immediate delivery. Our company despite having a history, actually is ready to solve, manufacture and meet the demand required by very difficult and impossible as it seems because we have the machinery and engineering but mostly experience and a large stock of products of this great brand for a great satisfaction to our users. We invite you to be part of our family know our products, our brand, services and developments to be convinced and join us to form part of the story.