FERBUSS INDUSTRIE well as other reputable companies is against counterfeit bearings on because every year is growing situation, so it is very important to buy bearings or other products with real dealers or reputable companies as it has also been detected that certain parts stores and / or 'reputable' companies supply these products taking advantage of this situation by offering the best price, the most brands wich have been affected are SKF and TIMKEN brand with excellent quality and reputation, they have had bad opinion for some users who have been deceived by this situation to buy their counterfeit products. Before buying a product rather examine the following points.

1.CHECK PRICING, The price is an important factor, low cost may be an indication that this is a counterfeit product.

2. FIND A DEALER or TRUE REPUTATION COMPANIES WHO MARKETS PRESTIGE BRANDS. dealers or reputable companies marketing a reputable brand is good option to acquire original bearings, check the reputation of the company infrastructure, this have much to talk about and years leading established.

We leave next video related to the campaign that is being carried out.